Time to get your collective heads out of your collective asses.

By Henry G. Noël

At the inception of the United States of America, much thought went into the design of the government. The founding fathers understood the tyranny a government can impose if left unchecked. King and Potentate were not on the agenda and mob rule fared about as well. 

The concept of equality meant everyone had a voice and it was the will of the people that mattered. Well, except for the issue of slavery of course; and, oh yeah,  there’s women; don't forgot about them. 

With the advent of the industrial revolution all of this “Will of the people” disappeared. The wealthy got wealthier and banding together, they circumvented the political system, applying greater and greater influences on the government to ignore the “will of the people” and began altering the intent of our nation’s creators from the “will of the people” to the “will of the wealthy.” 

Both major parties stand on opposite sides of the fence yet neither party has the “will of the people” at heart. Republicans, being wealthy, support the wealthy getting wealthier at the expense of the majority. And the Democrats? Well, they are the wealthy and want to take the wealth from the wealthy and give it to the select groups within the wealthy. “Will of the people?” Think not! 

So, here we are almost 250 years later and what the founding fathers attempted to avoid, we have welcomed with open arms. The propaganda promoting a hands-off government, fear-based initiatives, and debt-driven everybody, “We the people” have obediently turned a blind eye to the goings-on enabling a broken system to continue to flourish. “We the people?” What a joke. We no more see what is happening in the country than we do watching a magician do close-hand illusions. Duped, oh yeah. So duped are we, when someone tries to open our eyes, we call them traitors or conspiracy theorists. We are so brain-washed by government, anything they say, or do we believe without question? 

President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. Did we listen? Of course not. Why in the bloody hell would we do that? If we took the time to pay attention to what was going on, we’d have no time for fun and toys and screwing around. “Why, I’m entitled to those things because I’m an American.” 

I believe a pair of latex gloves should be given to everyone who tries to open another’s eyes. This way, all the shit that’s blinding everyone won’t get on our hands. 

Just sayin! 

Time to get your collective heads out of your collective asses. 

Copyright © 2019 – Henry G. Noël


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