What is IPM?

Founded in 2000 by Matt ConnartonImpact Player Music began as an artist development firm that specializes in booking and radio promotion.  IPM will tailor a campaign, based around an artist's goals and budget, that targets the most appropriate markets for their release.  IPM also provides live sound engineering, publicity, and live event production.

Over the past decade, 
Impact Player Music has worked with a variety of musicians from all genres, signed and unsigned, self-released, indie, and major labels.  IPM can help to create a solid foundation for new artists, and take all artists to new levels.

The radio department structures a campaign that targets college radio, AAA, non-commercial and commercial-specialty shows.  The stations are solicited for airplay and feedback regarding the release.  In addition, radio interviews and in-studio performances are coordinated in touring markets wherever possible.  IPM's radio and tour support can provide the necessary groundwork that will ensure advance exposure in your pending tour markets.

In addition to airplay, artists can benefit from our booking services.  For those ready to make the commitment, capitalizing on the exposure of radio airplay with touring is the obvious next step.

In 2005,
Impact Player Music expanded into selling various media online.  You can purchase downloads from IPM through this website.

In late 2007, IPM launched an internet radio station called ipmNation.com!

In 2011, due to the overwhelming success of ipmNation.com, we began phasing out the use of our parent company's name, and became solely ipmNation.com.

ipmNation.com is an internet radio station and distributor of original programming. Our mission is to provide a variety of innovative and exciting programs, while encompassing a variety of genres and formats.

College radio promotion:
When Impact Player Music began, it's top priority was providing a comprehensive college radio promotion program for artists of all genres. To this day, radio promotion continues to be IPM's most popular service. Clients continue to hire the team at IPM to service radio stations all over the country to promote their music and to garner airplay. IPM not only offers promotion at the college radio level, but also now does internet radio promotion as well. To learn more about IPM's college radio service, as well as other services that IPM offers, please visit the services or contact page.

Internet radio:
In 2007, not only did IPM extend it's popular college radio promotion into the world of internet radio, but the company also took the step of launching it's own unique internet station called ipmNation.com, the success of which eventually drove us to phase out use of our parent company's name, Impact Player Music, in favor of re-branding the company as solely ipmNation.com.

One of the longterm goals of IPM is to use ipmNation.com not only as a tool to provide unique programming to the internet radio audience, but to also provide a platform from which to launch these unique programs into syndication to other internet, as well as college radio stations.